Made a Sunday morning trip to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in the far West Valley last weekend, and yes, it was hot. The nice thing about having an annual membership is you don’t mind staying for a short time, which works well during the summer. One of the photos I wanted to capture on this trip was a dragonfly. On our last trip I had seen a few in front of the Baby Animal Nursery, but didn’t have my macro lens. Below is one the better shots captured with a 90mm macro lens. Used Lightroom 5 to darken the background more.

Dragonfly Macro

During our last visit, had taken a photo of a Wart Hog for the first time, had not seen anything special until then. Below is from this trip. I have found they have much more character than I had first noticed.

Hair Of The Hog

Have tried to make a habit of using a mono-pod when using the 500mm lens, even thou it reduces your freedom a little, it is more that worth it for sharper images. On the way out happened to notice a Ring-Tailed Lemur making some interesting poses while cleaning his tail. If you find any grammar mistakes in my posts, please let me know. Looks like this is a good place to end the post!

A Little Tude