We paid a visit to a parliament of burrowing owls out in the West Valley this weekend. So far it seems early morning is the best time to photograph the owls. Burrowing Owls are not very large (normally 7.5 to 11 inches long), but they have long legs. They are found throughout the open landscapes of  both North and South America. They nest and roost in burrows.  Below is one of the photos from Saturday morning, and is titled Dance Of The Owl.

<img alt="burrowing owl, birds, dance of the owl">

This capture gives a nice display of  a Burrowing Owl’s wing detail (average wing span is 20 to 24 inches), and also lead me to my title, The Matador. Females tend to be heavier, but males tend to have larger wing spans.

<img alt="burrowing owl, birds, the matador">

While there on Saturday morning we also tried out the video function on the Sony A77 DSLR taking a couple of short videos. After watching them and seeing what could be done better, we decided to go back on Sunday morning and try it again.  The clip below was created from the video that was taken on Sunday Morning. Photoshop CS6 was used to create the short video clip below. This is my first try at video, it took several hours and a few words I probably shouldn’t repeat. Having “The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers”  by Scott Kelby was also a big help.  Hope you like it!