11/27/2013 – 11/30/2013

Canyon De Chelly

Have been wanting to go to Canyon De Chelly National Monument for awhile. Going over the Thanksgiving weekend was a last minute decision. We ended up leaving after work on Wednesday afternoon. First stop was Sedona.


We checked into the Sky Ranch Lodge on Wednesday night after having dinner at Elote, our favorite restaurant in Sedona. The photo below was from Thanksgiving morning on our drive down Airport Road in search of coffee and bagels (photo info: 500mm, 1/1000 sec, f/8, ISO 800).

Waiting For The Sun Silhouette - Canyon De Chelly post

Waiting For The Sun Silhouette


Drive To Chinle

To get to Chinle from Sedona we drove thru Flagstaff, then east to Winslow. From Winslow we took highway 87 north to highway 264, then north on highway 191 to Chinle. The photo below was from the Little Painted Desert just north of Winslow off of highway 87  (photo info: 50mm, 1/80 sec, f/16, ISO 100).

View Of the Peaks Little Painted Desert - Canyon De Chelly post

North of Winslow looking Southwest of highway 87.


Chinle – Canyon De Chelly

The name Chinle in Navajo means “flowing out”, coming from the water flowing out of Canyon de Chelly. Chinle is in Apache County. The photo below of the White House Ruin was captured from the White House Overlook (photo info: 50mm, 1/60 sec, f/8, ISO 200). The White House Ruin takes its name from the white plaster used to coat the long back wall in the upper dwelling. The White House Ruin Trail is the only access to the canyon floor that doesn’t require a park ranger or an authorized Navajo guide. The foggy sky in several of the photos below was like  having a giant softbox over the sun.

White House From Afar - Canyon De Chelly post

View of the White House during a foggy visit.

The photo below is from the Sliding House Overlook looking down on the canyon floor (photo info: 11mm, 1/20 sec, f/11, ISO 200).

Sliding House Overlook In Fog - Canyon De Chelly post

View from Sliding House Overlook.

This was the highlight of our trip, viewing Spider Rock (photo info: 12mm, 1/8 sec, f/13, ISO 400). Once we approached  the overlook for Spider Rock the fog disappeared. The elevation for the Spider Rock Overlook is 6871 ft (2094m), the highest overlook on the South Rim Drive.

Last Light Spider Rock - Canyon De Chelly post

A view of Spider Rock as the sun is setting.

We got up before dawn on Friday morning. The reason, to get to Spider Rock before sunrise. It was dark, cold and foggy! The fog did lift before we got to Spider Rock (photo info: 11mm, 1/16 sec, f/16, ISO 200).

Early Light Spider Rock


We departed Canyon De Chelly Friday afternoon, driving thru the fog. Next stop, the Globetrotter Lodge (928-297-0158) located on part of the original Route 66 in Holbrook. We found out about the Globetrotter Lodge from an Arizona Highways article. We would also recommend Romo’s Restaurant, which is just down the road from the Globetrotter Lodge.


The Drive Back Home

We departed Holbrook on Saturday morning, taking highway 377 south toward Heber. The panorama below is from highway 377 south of Holbrook, and yes that is more fog you see in the distance (photo info: 18mm, 1/160 sec, f/10, ISO 400)! From Heber we took 260 east to Payson, stopping at Woods Canyon Lake.

Fog On The Horizon

A Few More Photos

Below is a slideshow of several more photos from our trip.

Chinle Map

Well, all good things must come to a end, and this is the end of our post on our trip to Canyon De Chelly. Adios!