Round-tailed Ground Squirrel

The Round-tailed Ground Squirrel belongs to the rodent order, small mammals that many predators depend on for food. They dig burrows to live in and spend the days on the surface when the temperatures are moderate. They hibernate in the winter and are also very entertaining!

Spring has been in the air, and it seems the scent of the Round-tailed Ground Squirrels has been in the air too. 🙂 This photo is from the Desert Botanical Garden (photo info: 500mm, 1/800 sec, f/8, ISO 800).

Then There Were Five - Round-tailed Ground Squirrel post

This one looks to be musically inclined (photo info: 500mm, 1/500 sec, f/8, ISO 400).

Musically Inclined - Round-tailed Ground Squirrel post

Spotted these two near some farm land in Goodyear while stalking a Greater Roadrunner (photo info: 500mm, 1/3200 sec, f/8, ISO 400).

Round-tailed Leap Frog  - Round-tailed Ground Squirrel post

Below is a short video.

A Few More Photos

Below is a slideshow of the photos above, plus a few more.

Well, all good things must come to a end, and this is the end of our post for the Round-tailed Ground Squirrel. Adios!