Travel Tips – Driving

I have a few words of advice if you plan on renting a car. I feel it’s the best way to explore Nicaragua. That being said, it doesn’t hurt if you or a companion know Spanish, and travel with someone that knows the area.

  • Recommend renting a 4WD (Four Wheel Drive), gives you more freedom to see the country (don’t be surprised if the rentals have a manual stick). Have had good luck using a company called Casa Pellas (Dollar Rent A Car).
  • Most traffic signs and signals seem to be more of an recommendation instead of a law.
  • Travel signage may not always be available.
  • Don’t be surprised if you get stuck behind slow moving trucks and buses, especially going up hills.
  • Be aware that most roads are also used as sidewalks.
  • You may have to share the road with farm animals.
  • Using a GPS (like on your phone) works better than using maps.