Tale Of Two Cathedrals – Granada Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua

During our opening reception last Friday at the University Club Phoenix I was asked to share something about one of the pieces of artwork that was on display. I decided to go with the image displayed below, “La Merced Rising Above The Rooftops”, but after getting started with my reply, I realized the image I needed to help explain the backstory wasn’t on display. The main point of my story was that the photo of each of the two cathedrals was the view from the other.  After the reception and thinking more about it, I thought the story would make a good post. At the same time I hoped it would help make up for the story I gave at the reception. 🙂

The photos in this post are from our last trip to Nicaragua, which was last year. This was our first trip to Granada. Granada is located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America.

Cathedral La Merced

The photo below was captured from the front balcony of the Cathedral De Granada located on the Parque Central. The church was originally built in 1534 and is only a couple of blocks away from the Cathedral De Granada.

Granada Nicaragua


Map Of Granada

Below is a map of Granada showing the location of the two cathedrals.


Cathedral De Granada

Below is an image of the Cathedral De Granada, this was the photo that wasn’t on display at the University Club. The Cathedral was originally build in 1583, was destroyed in the 19th century, and rebuild in the early 20th century. The view from the La Merced Church shows Lake Nicaragua in the background.

Cathedral De Granada From La Merced


View Inside Cathedral De Granada

This is a view from the balcony inside the cathedral.

Inside Cathedral De Granada


Room With A View

This is the view of the Cathedral De Granada from our room at the Hotel La Gran Francia.

Guzman Avenue


Breakfast Courtyard

This is the breakfast courtyard for our hotel. If you look close you may see someone you may know. 🙂

Granada Garden Breakfast



Tucker Tucker Dual Solo Show

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