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Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 Part III


Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 Part III

For Labor Day Weekend we decided to get out of the valley and head north to the Grand Canyon. This is Part III.


Grandview Point
We arrived at Grandview Point early Sunday morning before the sun appeared. Below is that early morning view, looking northeast.

Before Sunrise At Grandview Point – Sunday, 5:48 AM

Below is that magic moment as the sun begins a new day at the Grand Canyon.

Grandview Point Sunset – Sunday, 6:04 AM

A few moments later as morning’s first light reaches the temples and the sky becomes a brighter shade of blue.

Sunrise From Grandview Point – Sunday, 06:17 AM


Grand Canyon Village
Grand Canyon Village is where you find most of the tourist, but in the morning you normally miss the crowds. Our first stop is at the Harvey House Cafe at the Bright Angel Lodge, which is our favorite place for breakfast at the Canyon. Like usual we sit at a booth with a window view of the canyon and share the Bright Angel Breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast) plus coffee. The lodge was build in 1935 and is located on the edge of the canyon. It was designed by architect Mary Jane Colter. Below is the view of Lookout Studio after you exit the canyon side of the lodge. A few hours later, and all of the view points at the studio will be full of tourist enjoying the view and taking selfies.

Morning View Of Lookout Studio, Sunday 08:11 AM

This view is from the Rim Trail, near Bright Angel Lodge. The trees you see below is the Indian Garden Campground and is about 4.8 miles from Grand Canyon Village using the Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel Trail is the most popular trail on the South Rim and takes you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The trail to the left of Indian Garden is the Plateau Point Trail.

Morning Canyon Shadows – Sunday, 08:21 AM

Enjoying a quiet moment along the Rim Trail between the Bright Angel Lodge and the El Tovar Hotel.

Enjoying A Canyon Moment – Sunday 8:49 AM

The Trip Back
For our trip back we take the less traveled route, south on State Route 64 to Williams, west on Interstate 40 to Ash Fork, south on State Route 89 thru Prescott, Peeples Valley, Yarnell and Congress, south on U.S. Route 93 to Wickenburg, south on U.S. Route 60 to Surprise, then South on the 303 toward Interstate 10. Below is a view of Peeples Valley. Peeples Valley was named after prospector A. H. Peeples.

Passing Thru Peeples Valley – Sunday, 12:21 PM

End Of Part III
This is the end of our road trip, hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 – Part II


Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 Part II

For Labor Day Weekend we decided to get out of the valley and head north to the Grand Canyon. This is Part II.


South Rim Grand Canyon
More images from Grandview Point, as the storms continue to come and go we have a front row seat. This view is looking toward the northeast, with the Vishnu Temple on the left and the Colorado River in the center.

Dark Clouds And Rain Over The Canyon – Saturday, 3:04 PM

A view from Moran Point looking toward the west. The overlook is named after Thomas Moran, an American landscape painter.

Sun Rays From Moran Point – Saturday, 4:45 PM


Kaibab National Forest
The Kaibab National Forest borders both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon. Our camping spot for Saturday night was near the Grandview Lookout Tower, which is located in the Kaibab National Forest. The steel lookout tower was built in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The site is also a trailhead for the Arizona Trail. Below is a view to of the canyon from the Grandview Lookout Tower.

Canyon View From Grandview, Saturday 6:16 PM

A rainbow from the Grandview Lookout Tower, looking Southeast.

Rainbow View From Grandview – Saturday, 6:29 PM

Sunset from the Grandview Lookout Tower.

Grandview Sunset – Saturday, 6:44 PM

A view to the west from the Grandview Lookout Tower a few minutes after sunset.

Kaibab Thunderstorm – Saturday, 7:03 PM

A very early morning view of the Grandview Lookout Tower under the stars. If you look close, you can see the sign for the Arizona Trail.

Grandview Lookout Tower Under The Stars – Sunday 5:14 AM

End Of Part II
The is the end of part two, hope to have you back for the third and final part. 🙂

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Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 – Part I


Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 – Part I

For the Labor Day Weekend we decided to take a Road Trip and head north to the Grand Canyon. Our first stop early Saturday morning was Starbucks, Blonde Flat White with whole milk for Connie, and a dark roast with room for cream for me. Plus we had our collection of road trip snacks. From the West Valley it’s the 303 freeway to the I-17 north.


I-17 North of Black Canyon City
Just past the Sunset Point rest stop exit we stopped for a moment to enjoy the early morning light. West of Sunset Point lie the Bradshaw Mountains, named for the brothers Issac and William D. Bradshaw. Before that they were known as the Silver Mountain Range.

Clouds Over Sunset Point – 6:27 AM


We exited I-17 at State Route 179 for Sedona. The other reason for our trip was to stop by the Sedona Arts Center and drop of a few pieces of artwork for their First Friday reception in September. Below is the view as we arrived into Sedona, the roads were still wet from a recent thundershower.

Entering Red Rock Country – 7:27 AM

Below is the view of Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock from Oak Creek near the Tlaquepaquae Arts & Crafts Village.

Oak Creek Full Of Green – 7:59 AM

We arrived early into Sedona, giving us a little time to enjoy a few places before the Sedona Arts Center opened. Below is the view from the Red Rock Loop Road before heading to the Wildflower Bread Company in Uptown Sedona for a breakfast sandwich on a double toasted sesame seed bagel.

Thru The Trees To Cathedral Rock – 8:16 AM


After leaving the Sedona Arts Center we headed north on State Route 89A thru Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff. Below is a view of the San Francisco Peaks (highest point in Arizona) from U.S. Route 180 after stopping in Flagstaff for gas. It’s normally best to avoid paying for gas the closer you get to the Grand Canyon.

Summer Wildflowers – 11:33 AM

Below is another view of the San Francisco Peaks from U.S. Route 180, looking southeast on our way north to State Route 64.

Scenic Drive By The Peaks – 12:37 PM


South Rim Grand Canyon
This is the view as we pulled into Grandview Point (looking northwest), 12 miles west of Grand Canyon Village along Desert View Drive. Before the construction of the El Tovar Lodge, Grandview was the first place along the rim to be developed for tourists, a hotel was built in 1895, but was only in operation for a few years.

Grandview Storm – 2:24 PM

Save view after the rain.

Oak Creek Full Of Green – 2:57 PM

End Of Part I
This is the end of part one, hope to have part two finished soon. 🙂

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