Road Trip Labor Day Weekend 2018 Part II

For Labor Day Weekend we decided to get out of the valley and head north to the Grand Canyon. This is Part II.


South Rim Grand Canyon
More images from Grandview Point, as the storms continue to come and go we have a front row seat. This view is looking toward the northeast, with the Vishnu Temple on the left and the Colorado River in the center.

Dark Clouds And Rain Over The Canyon – Saturday, 3:04 PM

A view from Moran Point looking toward the west. The overlook is named after Thomas Moran, an American landscape painter.

Sun Rays From Moran Point – Saturday, 4:45 PM


Kaibab National Forest
The Kaibab National Forest borders both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon. Our camping spot for Saturday night was near the Grandview Lookout Tower, which is located in the Kaibab National Forest. The steel lookout tower was built in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The site is also a trailhead for the Arizona Trail. Below is a view to of the canyon from the Grandview Lookout Tower.

Canyon View From Grandview, Saturday 6:16 PM

A rainbow from the Grandview Lookout Tower, looking Southeast.

Rainbow View From Grandview – Saturday, 6:29 PM

Sunset from the Grandview Lookout Tower.

Grandview Sunset – Saturday, 6:44 PM

A view to the west from the Grandview Lookout Tower a few minutes after sunset.

Kaibab Thunderstorm – Saturday, 7:03 PM

A very early morning view of the Grandview Lookout Tower under the stars. If you look close, you can see the sign for the Arizona Trail.

Grandview Lookout Tower Under The Stars – Sunday 5:14 AM

End Of Part II
The is the end of part two, hope to have you back for the third and final part. 🙂